View of scattering from shore or pier

Sometimes it is not possible to go out on the ocean to scatter the ashes but you still want to be a part of the ceremony.

We can arrange for the ashes to be transfered to our boat and we can scatter the ashes for you within viewing distance from shore or a pier.

We prearrainge the time and date for the ceremony.  We arrange a place to take possesion of the cremains, and the place where you will be able to view.

Some of the favorite places to view the scattering of ashes are:

Ocean Beach Pier                                                     It is close to where my boat is berthed.  Provides a close view of the ceremony. ($315)

Cabrillo Monument -Point Loma Lighthouse                                                              A very picturesque place at the end of Point Loma past Ft. Rosecrans cemetary. ($385)

La Jolla cove                                                            A beautiful area of San Diego offering whitewater views and a fairly close setting. ($385)