Cut Flowers and Flower Wreaths

I bring along flowers if requested (free) for the basket which is lowered into the ocean.

These adornments may be added at your discretion, Prices vary, depending upon the arrangement desired.

Flowers add a whole new beautiful dimension to the ceremony by extending the length of time of the ceremony. Rose petals and other cut flowers are best scattered with the ashes, this provides are beautiful backdrop for ash scattering.

Video Taped

 All ceremonies may be recorded for all time by video taping. The taping is done in a professionally with an introduction, step by step narration of the scattering and laying of flowers.

The tape is accompanied by melodious music that brings the complete experience of the scattering to the viewer Additional charge ($150)

Urns are available for prices between $100.00 and $250.00 depending upon which model is selected. Please use the link below for the "passages" earth urn web site.

Revisit Dispersal Site: You may revisit the exact site of original ash dispersal by providing the Captain the coordinates of the disposition site. All inclusive price is ($350).

Reservations: Call (619) 285-5555 or                     (619) 818.2713 to discuss available dates.